The Great Adventure Together

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"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female'. 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, And the two shall become one flesh': so that they are no more two, but one flesh.” (Mark 10:6-8)

Let me go ahead and start by saying in no way do I feel I’m an expert on this topic and when God put it on my heart to write on marriage I was a little hesitant because I can make a few phone calls and find multiple people who has proven over the years, time and time again that they are more qualified to write this blog. Now with all that said here is a newly married husband just trying to obey God and share from the heart.

Danielle and I’s prayer is that at Steps Church we would be a people known in our community for having strong, biblical, life-giving marriages that would help others see and find Jesus. Our hope is that you and your spouse would live absolutely crazy about Jesus and each other. We believe that marriage is an adventure and the enemy hates when we live this adventure out together.

From the beginning of time God’s heart for marriage was and is that each couple would live, lead, and serve together as one. I’m learning this and even if you have been married for 30 years I think we all can ask God for fresh revelation on how we can love deeper, lead stronger, and serve greater when it comes to our marriages. Maybe you find yourself in the same boat learning to be together as one or maybe you find yourself having once been one and seem to be drifting a part in this season. I want to encourage you that God is for you and your marriage, He wants to see you and your marriage thrive, and He designed this great adventure together for His glory.

Danielle and I made some core values for our marriage and I feel like God wants us to establish them in our homes and or maybe you need to make a list of your own for you and your spouse but this is a great place to start…

Let’s be a people who in our marriages:
- We pursue Jesus passionately.
- We grow in our love faithfully.
- We forgive quickly.
- We communicate honestly.
- We love recklessly.
- We pray intentionally.
- We respond gently.
- We serve each other humbly.
- We listen carefully.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Something amazing happens when two imperfect people come together and make a covenant under a perfect God. It is a great adventure together and with God it can beat the odds.

The Adventure Awaits,
Dustin Wise