We all have a step we can take in our walks with God to help lead those around us. There are people looking up to you and they see there is something different about you because you have encountered Jesus. Let’s be leaders like Jesus in our community and let’s learn to continue to grow in our walks with Him daily.



Making Jesus Lord over your life is one of the most important decisions you can make and we would love to hear about your decision to take that next step.


Water Baptism

Getting water baptized is something we are called to do as Christians so if you have never been water baptized we would love to help you take that public step.

GrowthTrack Slides.png

Growth Track

Growth Track challenges you to connect deeper with the church, discover your gifts, and lead those in your circle. 



Our Dream Team is such a great place to grow and serve in a practical way. It’s an opportunity to make a difference. You can take a next step right here with the people who you call family.

Small Groups

Small groups create community. Community is something that should be empowering and encouraging. If you are looking for community this is the next step for you!